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Our specialized Northern team is ready to help

Browse our Designated Northern Services below

Junk Removal

It's not always easy to get your spring cleaning done alone, contact us for a free estimate on property clearing or waste removal.

Chartered Item Delivery

Our Chartered delivery service connects you to retailers and repair services formerly out of reach, from appliances to power sports and large items in between we have got you covered.

Free estimates available.

24/7 Ground Services

Our 24/7 team can adapt to your needs and get you the support you need. Parts runs, supply pickup and delivery, off road delivery / emergency assistance

Project Assistance

Tackling a big project alone can be stressful, connect with us today to learn how our team can benefit your next project, renovation , demolition, or construction

We are Always Expanding!

Taiga Property Services can help with your project no matter how big or small, check out our photo gallery to get an idea how we could help you plan and tackle your next project or renovation.


Your property will thank you

When it Comes to maintenance, your property deserves a professional touch

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